Airgun Valve

The original valves on the Lukens and Girardoni rifles used horn and leather seals in conical or bellshaped valve seats.  I have made them using delrin and UHMW valve  heads that are conical or flat with the seal into a tapered orifice.

valve apart

The valve on the right demonstrates the tapered valve head.

valve semi

The valve stem is placed in its retainer with spring and o-ring.  The orifice is seen to the right.

valve end apart

Here is another view.

neck open

The valve, retainer and o-ring are placed into the neck of the reservoir.  Note the depression in the center of the valve head.

This centers the actuating pin on firing.

neck assembled

The valve orifice is screwed into the reservoir,  seating the valve, retainer and o-ring.


A brass fill adapter with foster fitting is inserted.


A gauge is attached to the back end of the reservoir to monitor fill pressure and air use as the gun is fired.

Video of valve and flask

vented flask

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