Girardoni rifles completed

The rifles were completed by January 1st, 2013.  Here are some pix:

2 diag

Hank’s (below) is more original.  Mine (above) has a 4″ longer barrel and modified reservoir.


MEO shoot

Here I am shooting Hank’s rifle for the first time.

2 crop









port large

Transfer port and firing pin.

A video of the assembly of the rifle:

Girardoni Rifle Assembly

8 thoughts on “Girardoni rifles completed”

  1. Wow. In addition to being of historical value, these are just beautiful pieces of work. They show great love, care, and craftsmanship. Congratulations.

    I’m working on a book about technology (scheduled for publication in the fall of 2015), and in the book I happen to mention Lewis & Clark and the air gun they brought with them. I would love permission to include (with appropriate credit, of course) one of your photos in the book. Please let me know if that would be possible.

    Either way, very impressive work.

  2. I am building a nonworking girardoni air gun, do you know where i can buy some parts , someone who has replicated some parts of the gun ?
    Karl walker
    6308 garwin dr.
    Ft woth texas. 76132


  3. Hello Martin, my name is Dean Goodine and I am the Property Master on the HBO Mini-series “Lewis & Clark” that will be filming in Calgary, Canada, Atlanta, Georgia, and Vancouver Island, Canada starting June 15. I was looking at a youtube video and then your website for your Girandoni Rifles. I know they have been sold, and there probably is not enough time to commission a build. My Question is would one of the owners consider renting one of them to the mini series for Casey Affleck’s character to use. My background as a Historical Property Master include the films “Unforgiven”, “Open Range”, and “The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford” as some of my credits. I really want to do this right, and hope you may be able to help. Thanks Dean Goodine

  4. Hallo mr. Martin,
    am Sid…. saw your video on YouTube and immediately became a fan of your craftsmanship and dedication towards the girardoni rifle… the lengths you went to we’re beyond imagination..
    I couldn’t help but ask… that will I be able to own your work of art… or if not… if you could advice me as to where or who I could follow up with. I would be very obliged with your esteemed guidance
    Thankyou 🙂

  5. Thanx Sid,

    None are for sale at this time – last one went for $26,000. None are being produced as far as I know.

    Later, Martin

  6. I would love to place an order for one… so please send me your quotation… and other important particulars regarding the girardoni rifle
    Eagerly awaiting your reply
    Sid 🙂

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